Why BioGenik?

Proteinogenic, an irreplaceable amino acid, is just one of the components of the snail slime and caviar, making it a unique active ingredient for the production of bio cosmetics. We produce cosmetics with such ingredients and that is why we chose BioGenik for our trade mark. A question arises what differs us from the remaining producers of such type of cosmetics.

A comparative analyses identifies the three pillars, which make us different: the raw material quality, effectiveness and price.
The raw material is obtained in our production facilities under strict technological control, which guarantees its exclusive purity and quality. Besides, we are one of the first who apply an innovation of Bulgarian scientists which allows the extraction of a concentrate of snail mucus and caviar with a purity up to 97 %.

After a long period of tests, thanks to our excellent technologists, we succeeded in creating products, distinguished and superior than the remaining similar products at the market, of which we are completely confident. In the first place, we managed to combine in our products extracts from snail mucus and caviar, whereas the world practice is to make use only of the snail mucus. Thus a higher concentration of the active substance is achieved alongside with a considerably better effectiveness of our natural products thanks to the addition of the exclusive snail caviar qualities making it extremely beneficial in the treatment of ageing skin as well as skin with some problems like acne and pimples. The caviar also improves the metabolism, regulates the hydration and the regeneration processes in the skin.
A very important factor for the effectiveness of the natural cosmetic products is the purity and the concentration of the active substance. The extract used in our products is 97 % pure bio product. The concentration of the active substance is among the best in the field without provoking any negative reaction on the skin. The result: our bio products are really effective.
The good organization of the production process, the use of high technologies and innovative approach allow us to offer a markedly lower price compared to other distinguished producers of similar products while keeping a high quality and effectiveness of our natural cosmetics.