A BEAUTY RESERVE – this is not just a slogan for the products of BioGenik Ltd, this is our clearly set mission.

Everyone, who understands and believes that Nature is an inexhaustible source of beauty and health, is welcome to “our territory“. The first series of products, elaborated in our laboratories – hydration face day, active face nourishment night cream, multi-regeneration face serum and multi-active eye contour serum, is inspired by the unique snail properties, discovered yet in the remote past. A well-known fact is that Hippocrates cured people with skin problems by a mixture of milk and snails and established that its continued use brings back the skin brilliance and beauty.

Aiming at increased effectiveness of our “nature healer” – the snail of the type helix aspersa maxima, we feed it with Bulgarian yoghurt, containing the lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus, known as Lactobacillus bulgaricus.That is why our raw material has 100 % natural content. The high quality of this substance allows our cosmetic products to evince precious benefits: they speed up the skin natural ability to regenerate, remove the dead cells, restore the skin elasticity and brilliance, stimulate the skin to produce anti-bacterial bodies fighting against skin infections.

The snail mucus and caviar strengthen the natural balance of the skin and it is nourished with basic ingredients of the connective tissue. The mucus has the ability to retain water thus preserving the skin density and making it smooth. The caviar, on its part acts as a regulator in the skin hydration process. It attracts moisture in skin and distributes it evenly via the metabolism thus skin receives the necessary hydration without damaging the substance balance. There is no flaky skin neither oily zones. These effects are achieved due to the innovations, used in the creation of our products. The innovations allow us the production of 97 % extract of mucus and caviar and the achievement of high concentration of the active substance as in the serums exceeds 80 %.
Innovation from Nature is the key to our beauty reserve.